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Department of Financial Management and Informatization of Healthcare

Department of Financial Management and Informatization of Healthcare

The Department of Financial Management and Informatization of Healthcare carries out academic, methodological and research work on the following branches:

  • Financial management
  • Health and safety management
  • Informatization of healthcare

For more than 60 years, BelMAPE carries out training courses on healthcare economics. This branch had been developing at Belarusian State Institute for Advanced Medical Training in the form of lectures and curriculum sessions from the very beginning of the 50-s of the ХХth century. At that time, the staff of the department was represented by prominent healthcare leaders, highly qualified specialists: A.L.Dorosinsky, A.F.Oblovatskaya, S.A.Gitkin, V.O.Shkolnikov.

Later on, the lectures and seminars on healthcare economics were given by specialists of the Department of Healthcare Management: professor E.A.Valchuk, senior lecturers N.I.Fedorov, A.Y.Sokolov, and other lecturers.

In 2000, BelMAPE started the systematic course on economics in healthcare. The course «Economics and Accounting in Healthcare» was given at the Department of Social Hygiene, Economics and Healthcare Management. The creation of this course was dictated by life itself. It is the economic component which is one of the most important basic components of healthcare. Finances are one of the main factors, which develop healthcare. Therefore, the issues of economic support for the activities of healthcare establishments are of particular importance. Departments of healthcare economics are available in almost all medical universities as well as academies of postgraduate education in the CIS countries and far abroad. Health economics as an independent subject had existed in 12 foreign schools of public health since 1965, and by 1971, this subject got further development and was introduced in all 19 schools of public health of the world.

The course on economics and accounting in healthcare served as the basis for the subsequent development of the department. In 2006, the course on economics and accounting in healthcare became part of the Department of Public Health and Healthcare.

In 2012, the department was renamed into the Department of Economics and Accounting in Healthcare with the Course of Medical Informatics.  

In 2018, it was again renamed into the Department of Financial Management and Informatization of Healthcare.

The main targets of the department: realization of educational programs, stimulation of economic and labour-saving thinking, implementation of the main principles of e-health building, unlocking of the creative potential of the trainees.

The department is headed by associate professor O.A.Kulpanovich. The staff of the department is represented by highly qualified specialists: associate professor V.M.Voitovich, associate professor A.L.Stefanin, senior lecturers Y.V.Mereschakov, L.V.Shvab, T.A.Radishevskaya S.A.Marshalova-Mikhalkova, O.V.Morozova.

The average age of the academic staff is 46 years. The staff remembers and is grateful to the specialists who worked with them for a long time and made a significant contribution to the development of the department: associate professor E.I.Soroko, E.E.Likhtarovich, a senior lecturer and G.K.Mishakova, a leading laboratory assistant.

The staff of the department is in a creative search for optimal forms of the educational process. The training programs and plans reflect the current state and achievements of health economics. In addition to the published manuals, most of the educational materials are available to a wide range of users in the section "Articles, publications, publications".

The department conducts academic work in the following areas:

  • economics and accounting in healthcare, economic methods of healthcare management, financial management, marketing, business-planning, material and technical support, income generation and financing, documentation of business transactions, pricing of medical services, state procurements, modern methods of business and management in market conditions; economic aspects of work with the staff; financial, economic and industrial analysis of activities.

The main direction of the research work of the department is the efficient use of healthcare resources and labour protection management. The research carried out at the department:

  • application of the screening automated information systems of the basis of artificial neural networks for the detection of the pathologies in chest organs.

The Department of Financial Management and Informatization of Healthcare carries out advance training courses, according to the educational plan, approved by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Belarus.