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Department of Ophthalmology

Department of Ophthalmology

Clinical base: Minsk City Clinical Hospital №10 where the Republican Ophthalmology Center is situated. There are two divisions of eye microsurgery for 70 beds, Outpatient Clinicodiagnostic Division, Division of Laser Eye Microsurgery, Room of Emergency Ophthalmology Medical care. The clinical base is equipped with modern devices for diagnostics and treatment of diseases and trauma of eyes, hightech devices for eye microsurgery. Since 2009 there has been a special training room, equipped with modern microsurgical facilities and training microscopes for independent work of listeners, trainees, residents and PhD students. The classroom of the department is equipped with audio and viewing systems for live transmission of surgical interventions from operation rooms.

History of the department

The Department of Ophthalmology of the Belarusian State Institute of Advanced Medical Training was founded in 1954. Since 1949 until this time there has been a course of advanced training at the Department of Eye Diseases of Minsk Medical Institute. The department was headed by the following physicians: in 1954-1979 - professor M.M.Zolotaryova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, in 1979-1993 - professor K.I.Chvyaleva, in 1993-2007 - L.K.Yahnitskaya, Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences

From the time of its foundation scientific researches of the department have been oriented to the development of new methods of eye traumas treatment, diagnostics and treatment of toxoplasmosis, surgical treatment of cataract, cryo-therapy, cryo-surgery. Since 1993 diagnostics and treatment of traumas and their consequences, treatment of cataract have been the main issues of scientific work of the department. Also new methods have been developing: methods of diagnostics and treatment of endocrine oculopathy, lacrimal duct obstruction, thromboembolic  injuries of eyes.

Since January, 2007, professor T.A.Imshenetskaya, Doctor of Medical Sciences, has been a head of the department. Since 2004 she has been a head part-time ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, since 2011 she has been working as a head of the Republican Ophthalmology Center, which is situated at Minsk City Clinical Hospital №10.

Under her supervision 6 Candidate's theses have been defended. At present she is a scientific supervisor of 7 seekers of Candidate's degree and 4 seekers of Doctoral degree.

From 1954 to 1993 clinical base of the department was Eye Division at Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital (and since 1974 - Pediatric Eye Division). Since 1993 until now clinical base of the department is situated at Minsk City Clinical Hospital №10, which since 2011 has been the Republican Ophthalmology Center.

Academic work

Academic work of the department is carried out on the basis of Minsk City Clinical Hospital №10, which is situated on Uborevicha Street, 73. Telephone: ( 375 17) 340-02-51

The department provides training on a cost accounting basis on the following issues:

  • Modern areas of diagnostics and laser methods of eye treatment
  • Basics of vitreoretinal surgery

It is also possible to undergo training at your own workplace according to the individual programme in the following fields:

  • Phaco;
  • Oculoplastics;
  • Basics of vitreoretinal surgery;
  • Basics of exstrascleral surgery of detached retina;
  • Methods of diagnostics and treatment of ophthalmological diseases
  • Preparation and preservation of transplant tissues applied in ophthalmosurgery.

Scientific activities

Within the time of its existence, there have been 3 Doctoral and more than 25 Candidate's theses, which have been defended. Staff of the department has published about 800 works, 52 guidance manuals, 25 instructions for use, 42 patents and 23 technical innovations have been received.

At present scientific work of the department is carried out in the frameworks of the scientific and research work "Rehabilitation of patients with diseases and traumas of visual organs" in the following fields:

  • vitreoretinal surgery;
  • surgical treatment of cornea diseases,
  • tissue transplantation in ophthalmology, including reconstructive surgery of cornea and conjunctiva with the application of amnionic membrane;
  • transplantation of donor cornea;
  • surgery of primary and refractory glaucoma;
  • reconstructive and plastic surgery of eyelid and orbit, including cosmetic blepharoplasty at ptosis, surgical rehabilitation of patients with anophthalmic syndrome;
  • rehabilitation of patients with traumas of visual organs and their consequences;
  • surgical treatment of lacrimal passages diseases;
  • treatment of diabetic retinopathy and other eye complications of diabetes;
  • treatment of neovascularity and macular edema at diseases and traumas of visual organs;
  • surgical treatment of cataract;
  • diagnostics and treatment of vascular eye pathology;
  • modern methods of visualization and functional diagnostics in ophthalmology;
  • refractive surgery;
  • application of femtosecond laser in refractive surgery and at cornea diseases.

The department is working on the innovation project "Development and implementation of devices on the basis of bio-integrated, non-resorbable materials to remove posttraumatic defects and deformations of midface with the application of 3D  technologies of modeling and prototyping", assigned person - O.N.Dudich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, associate Professor.

Number of degree-seekers at the department: intramural form of study - 4, extramural form of study - 6, totally 10. 

At present there are 33 clinical residents (intramural and extramural forms of study), who undergo training at the department (among them - 13 citizens of Georgia, Iran and Syria).

Clinical work

Clinical and diagnostic work is carried out by the department's staff at Eye Microsurgery Division №1 and №2 and at the Republican Ophthalmology Center on the basis of Minsk City Clinical Hospital №10.

In 2016 staff of the department consulted 5925 patients, operated 3074 patients, among them - 113 operations were complicated, 661 operations were high tech.

International cooperation

The department cooperates with the following organizations:

  • German Society of Ophthalmologists (DOG).
  • Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmologists
  • European Society of Retinal Surgeons
  • Georgian Society of Ophthalmologists
  • Russian Glaucoma Society
  • Russian Society of Ophthalmologists
  • International Expert Glaucoma Board (Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine)

Annually all specialists of the department participate at international conferences, congresses, symposia, exhibitions.