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Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal

If you have any questions concerning academic assessment, don’t hesitate to contact deputy head of Academic Assessment Division of BelMAPE, Natalia Kotlyar (Minsk, Brovki Street, 3/3, Academic Assessment Division, room №414, тел. 292 25 61)

Submission of documents:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00-12:00, 14:00-17:00
  • Friday 09.30-12.30, 14:00-16:00

Academic assessment and passing of test trial is necessary for people with high or advanced medical and pharmaceutical education, who doesn’t work in the specialty for more than 4 years.   

The procedure of academic assessment and test trial are determined by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

Academic assessment and test trial are carried out by State Educational Establishment «Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education ».

Test trial is carried out on initiative of a postgraduate student on a paid basis after conclusion of a contract.

Necessary documents

In case a postgraduate student wishes to pass a test trial he has to make a petition to rector and provide copies of the following documents, notarized in accordance with the established procedure:

  • Diploma of higher education and secondary school Diploma;
  • certified work history;
  • documents of qualification categories, documents of training at clinical residency (if available);
  • document of internship (for persons with higher medical (pharmaceutical) education);
  • document, which proves any changes in surname or other data of applicant (in cases of changes);
  • other documents, concerning advanced training and retraining (if available);
  • copies of two last pages of passport (copy of passport should not be authenticated).

Test trial is carried out within one month from the time of documents’ registration.

Conclusion of contracts

To conclude a contract an applicant should address to the senior specialist of Academic Assessment Division, Elisaveta Grinko, with a passport. Room №413, tel. 290 98 34.

Attention!  Payment for the services of BelMAPO is carried out through the system ERIP.

You may make payments at ATMs, interactive kiosks, online banks, banks, mobile banking, etc. with the help of Raschet system.

Payment Procedure:

Minsk--> Social Services, Health Care --> Republican Research and Practice Centers --> Republican Center for Research and Practice in Otolaryngology --> enter the number of your contract

Registration for test trials  

  • Specialists with higher education: tel. 8 (017) 290 98 35
  • Specialists with advanced education: tel. 8 (017) 290 98 34

Test trial (exam) consists of two stages: computer testing and oral exam

Minimum percentage of right answers for passing a test is 60 %.

In case the percentage of right answers is lower than 60 %, a postgraduate student is not allowed to pass an oral exam, qualification is not confirmed.

Oral exam includes situational tasks, data of functional, laboratory researches, X-ray image and etc.

Those postgraduate students who didn’t pass an exam have a right to retake an exam within the time limit determined by Qualification Commission, but not earlier than in one month.

After successful passing of an exam a postgraduate student is issued a Certificate about academic assessment and passing of a trial exam.

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