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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Mission of BelMAPE

BelMAPE sees its destination in the following:

  • meeting the needs of administration and healthcare organizations of the Republic of Belarus in high-standard training of specialists by realization of advanced training programs for healthcare leaders and specialists with higher education; internships for healthcare leaders and specialists; training courses; postgraduate education and training programs for clinical residents in accordance with the present-day achievements in medical science and practice;
  • organization and prosecution of fundamental, fundamentally oriented and applied researches on actual problems of medical pharmaceutical science in accordance with the priority areas of scientific work in the Republic of Belarus, effective preparation of highly qualified scientists, implementation of the results of scientific researches into the practical healthcare.

Quality Policy

In the conditions of modernization and innovation development of the healthcare system of the Republic of Belarus, BelMAPE occupies a leading position in providing health sector with the highly qualified specialists.

The main directions of the quality policy of BelMAPE are the following ones:

  • creation of high competitiveness of BelMAPE in the educational field, qualitative training of medical staff in accordance with the present-day level of medical science;
  • development of applied and fundamental scientific investigations, innovation activities, enhancing the efficiency of the training of highly qualified scientific personnel;
  • implementation of the results of scientific and innovation activities into the practical healthcare and educational process;
  • strengthening of staff capacity and continuous improvement of professional competence of the staff of BelMAPE;
  • creation of the conditions for effective educational, scientific and research activities at BelMAPE.

The policy is implemented at all levels of governance, it can be analyzed and can be subject to revision if it is necessary.

The senior staff of BelMAPE serves as a leader in the implementation of the quality policy and is obliged to create conditions for the efficient functioning and continuous improvement of the quality management system, meeting the requirements of the consumers and regulations of the Republic of Belarus along all the lines of activity of BelMAPE.

Rector of the Academy  —  Aleksey Chukanov

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