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Research Division

Research Division

Research Division of BelMAPE was founded in accordance with the articles 23 and 207 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus «About equipment» of the 13th of January, 2011 № 243-З (in redaction of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 13.12.2011 N 325-З), article 12 of the Decree of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus «About approval of provision on establishment of additional education of adults» of the 28th of July, 2011 № 198, Decree of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus of 21.01.2000 № 6 (in redaction of 10.02.2012 № 23) «About improvement measures of payment for labour done by workers in budget and other organizations, who obtain subsidies», Order of the Council of Ministers of  the Republic of Belarus «About approval of state program of higher education development for the years 2011-2015».

Research Division is a structural subdivision of BelMAPE without a right of a legal body, which carries out organization and coordination of scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activities of the Academy and manages it.

Research Division carries out its activities on the basis of state-owned legal entity, which is managed by the Academy.

Research Division carries out scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activities in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, Statute of BelMAPE and the current Provision.

Regulations on Research Division

Research Division uses official blanks, licenses and current accounts of BelMAPE in its work.  

Main objectives of Research Division are the following ones:

  • provision with all needed economic, industrial and social conditions for more complete usage and development of scientific and technical and academic potential of the Academy, Research Division, its subdivisions and specialists of BelMAPE;
  • carrying out of fundamental, fundamentally oriented and applied scientific researches in a full compliance with priority directions of scientific activities of BelMAPE in the Republic of Belarus;
  • determination of the strategy and perspective planning of the development of scientific and research work of BelMAPE; participation in the development of the most important scientific and methodological problems of the development and improvement of higher and additional education for adults in the medical field; coordination of interaction between educational and scientific divisions of the Academy in the field of science;
  • formulation of proposals about the Academy’s participation in the development of goal-oriented scientific and technical programs, programs on actual scientific problem solutions, branch and interdisciplinary programs, and also in application of the results obtained from scientific and research works in the system of healthcare of Belarus;
  • participation in training of specialists and academic staff working the system of healthcare, promoting the growth of professional development of scientific staff working in the Academy;
  • creation of conditions needed for formation and development of scientific schools of the Academy;
  • development of innovation activities and commercialization of scientific researches, transfer technologies promotion;
  • support of close connection between scientific, scientific and technical and innovation activities;
  • continuous improvement of material and technical base for conduction of scientific researches on the basis of the latest achievements of national and foreign devices;
  • together with the Financial and Account Departments, provision with rational financial work of scientific and research subdivisions;
  • creation of all needed conditions for a wide participation in scientific and research work of teachers, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students and degree seekers, providing integration of scientific and academic processes, and also training of specialists of higher scientific qualification
  • solving of other organizational and management problems in scientific and research work of BelMAPE.

Research Division carries out researches autonomously and in close contact with other higher educational establishments, scientific and practical establishments of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, medical republican scientific and practical centers, scientific establishments  of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, academies of sciences in CIS-countries, scientific strictures of countries of united economic area, research foundations, organizations, enterprises and branch ministry associations and administrations in the frameworks of different organizational forms, also with the help of coordination of research subjects in the frameworks of state scientific and technical programs, carrying out joint scientific researches on the basis of complex contracts in connection with the current legislation of different organization structures.

Research Division coordinates and organizes scientific conferences, symposiums, meetings and scientific seminars, also different forms of presentation of scientific products, with a discussion of actual issues of medical theory and practice.

Functions of Research Division:

  • develops graft annual workplans (if it is necessary – long-term ones) of scientific, technical and innovation activities of the Academy;
  • organizes scientific researches on a modern scientific and technical level, provides a high efficiency of all activities;
  • controls timely and qualitative execution of scientific and development works in accordance with the approved technical work statements and work plans;
  • carries out activities on implementation of the results obtained from work researches into healthcare practice, prepares offers about participation of research groups of BelMAPE in competitive projects, integration of developments into state orders, branch plans of creation and acquisition of progressive technologies and new medical equipment, on strengthening of relations with scientific and practical healthcare establishments by particular usage of Common Use Center of the Academy and creation of joint scientific structures for faster advancement of created innovations;
  • provides information services and advertisements of scientific projects and developments, also through branch and republican state systems of scientific and technical information, mass media and Internet;
  • organizes and controls rational (also on the basis of cooperation) application of unique and expensive scientific equipment;
  • organizes scientific work aiming at the development of postgraduate education of the system of healthcare;
  • improves the activities of all forms of scientific, technical and creative activities of young scientists;
  • provides its material-technical and laboratory base and carries out methodological and organizational care to doctoral candidates, postgraduate students and degree seekers for carrying out scientific researches;
  • participates in realization of processes and procedures of the quality management system according to the quality manual.

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