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Aleksandr Stephanin

Aleksandr Stephanin

Associate professor of the Department of Financial Management and Health Informatization, Candidate of Economic Sciences

He is a developer and curator of advanced training courses:

  • «Collection, preparation and analysis of statistical data in medicine, biology and pharmacology»;
  • «Application of artificial neural networks in medicine, biology and pharmacology to develop decision support systems»;
  • «Large data processing and artificial intelligence in medicine, biology and pharmacology»;
  • «Implementation and administration of modern medical information systems for patient relationship management (CRM-systems) in health care institutions»;
  • «Development, administration and promotion of the health institution's website».
  • He specializes in: Tableau and SPSS programs; using CMS Joomla !; learning SQL, HTML, CSS, R and Python programming languages; libraries Theano, Tensorflow, NumPy and SciPy.
  • He is a research supervisor of the scientific work "Application of screening automated information systems based on artificial neural networks to identify pathologies of the chest." As part of the topic, software for an automated screening system based on a convolutional neural network for X-ray rooms is being developed.


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